Speechbox is a free chat widget for your website, blog, or shop

Build community and grow user engagement on your own terms.

Easy entry

Benefiting your community

Integrating a personal chat widget into your website or blog will greatly increase engagement from your visitors. It’s faster and easier to use than a comment section, uses no cookies, and comes with many features.


You made your website to put something into the world which others like. Talk to them about it there.


Eliminate the slow barriers of opening and using other services. Chat right on your website with your visitors.


You and your website visitors have the same interests. Get talking and elevate each other.


Handing over your people to huge companies isn’t right for everyone. Stay with each other on your personal website.


Be relaxed about the data of your users. It will not leave our servers and will never be analyzed for advertising gains.


No marketing cookies, no problem. We don’t profit from your data, we protect it instead.


What you’ll get

  • Your personal shoutbox chat
  • Customization menu
  • Website color matching
  • Emoji / Smiley support
  • Simple text formats with Markdown
  • Web URL recognition and linking
  • Basic spam protection
  • Ban users
  • Curse word obfuscation
  • Delete messages
  • RSS feed
  • Unobtrusive ads (free version)
  • No marketing cookies, no external scripts
  • No user tracking
Premium features available


What users had to say

With over 17 years of experience, we’ve made lots of users happy. Here are a few of their voices.

I had to search for a long time, but now I have finally found the perfect shoutbox!


Really great, great service! I am very satisfied with the shoutbox chat.


I have tried many shoutboxes, but this one is really the best! Thanks!


Thank you! Great service, great shoutbox!


I was missing a feature in the shoutbox, and the team added it the same day. Thank you!


I recently ordered the Premium Upgrade, and I am really excited about the real-time feature!


Even the fast support works great here with you. I will definitely recommend you!


So I have not seen a better shoutbox than this one here! Keep it up!


I'm very satisfied with the chat box, keep it up.


Thank you for the quick response to my request! Love the service.


The best shoutbox in the world. It has to be said. Our Speechbox is the highlight of our website.

Rose & Bert

You guys are really great! Big praise! :)


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Additional features make Speechbox better

You can use a Speechbox chat for free for as long as you like. More great features can be unlocked by getting the Premium Upgrade.


Pay never, use forever

$ 0 USD

per month

  • Manual refreshing of messages
  • Unobtrusive ads visible
  • Basic customization features
  • Emojis, simple text formatting support
  • Spam protection and user banning
  • No tracking, no marketing cookies
  • Maximum message length of 140 characters


Make it much better and cancel anytime

$ 3 USD $4

per month, $36 billed yearly

  • Automatic realtime refresh of messages
  • No ads anywhere
  • Advanced customization features
  • Emoji, text formatting, custom smileys
  • Advanced spam protection
  • No tracking, no marketing cookies
  • Email support
  • Maximum message length of 1,000 characters
  • Access and messaging statistics

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